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My Lipgloss is Poppin'

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So, I've found a lipstick that I LOVE! Wait, or is it a lip stain since it stays on all day. Could it be considered a lip balm? Well, the package describes it as a lipstick, however it's better than a lipstick! If you're curious about what categorizes a lipstick as a lipstick and who should avoid it over a balm or a stain, check out this article from WebMD that describes the difference between a lip gloss, lipstick, balm, stain, and a good liner. 

My lips are usually chapped, and I hate the upkeep from a normal lipstick, so I adore tinted chapsticks or a moisturizing gloss. I also LOVE a bright red lip or even just a tint of color that goes with my makeup look. On any given day, you can find at least three or four different colors in my bag. My favorite over the last few years has been Clinique's Black Honey, which they define as Almost Lipstick. It has a lovely, dark red, sheer finish that is perfect. 

However, I've found a new favorite, and I've wore it almost every day for the last month or so. It's perfect. It goes with every outfit and any mood. It's a matte finish, which is definitely the trend right now.

I stumbled upon the Dose of Colors brand after a friend did a video review of a few of her favorite products. I watched her introduce me to a few cool items, as I have before, but this time something made me take the next step and visit the brand's site. I took her recommendation and placed an order for the same exact color she had on, Truffle. 

Then my package arrived in the mail. It was so great that I took a photo - of the ENVELOPE!

Then I tried on the lipstick, and have kept it in my purse ever since! It stays on for most of the day, without being too dry or flaking away. The Truffle color is perfect for my complexion, not too bold, but it shows up. I've received compliments from friends and colleagues, and even my hubby (so it must be noticeable!) :) 

The brand offers a range of products, all of which are made in the USA and are cruelty free (which you should care about!) Cruelty free simply means that the cosmetics you choose are not manufactured or developed by methods that involve experimentation on animals. Here's a link to even more products that made that list

After a few weeks of wear, I know it's a product I not only would recommend, but will probably branch out and buy again in a few other colors. I've learned that it works best on me if I moisturize with a little chapstick first, and occasionally I add a little Vitamin E on top for a glossy look. To sum it up, this natural, matte shade of lipstick has moved up to my absolute first choice and most recommend product for ease of wear, perfect shade, and brand aesthetics. Please share your thoughts and comments if you too have a brand you love or if you decide to make the choice and buy a shade as well. 

Dose of Colors, Lipstick Color: Truffle