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Junior Girls Day Out Event

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Last Saturday, I spent a few hours with a great group of young ladies, ages 9-14, who have an interest in being an entrepreneur. When asked, I jumped at the opportunity to share the information I had about my small photography business. Junior Girls Day Out Community Project, which had selected the Kent campus of FSCJ as their event location, has an objective is to provide girls with the requisite knowledge, life skills, self-esteem, integrity, and character to lead healthy and productive lives. 

The afternoon started with a welcome by the College president, Dr. Bioteau and Kent Campus President, Dr. Gibson, followed by information sessions about various career paths the girls had an interest in. I talked to my group about the creative and business side of photography, allowed time for questions, then headed outside for some hands-on practice. I walked the girls through posing, interacting with clients, importance in connection, then directed them to photograph each other. 

The afternoon was spent with another group of entrepreneurs to discuss business planning, marketing, branding, and additional details involved in owning a business. At the end of the day, the girls got to spend a day with mentors, gaining valuable knowledge about owning a small business, and left motivated to start their own. Giving back to our community is both personally fulfilling and so important in our local community.