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Today on The Chat we do a Cartwheel then learn to budget with!

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I set out to find the best budgeting and financial apps out there and found a few that had some really good features, but nothing compared to Mint! allows users to sync their bank accounts, loans, credit cards and other accounts so they can categorize spending and stay on track each month. Along with many amazing uses, the ability to view charts and pay bills with ease and security is worth a lot - but the app is free! Available on iOS, Android, Windows, tablets smartphones and the web, this software is made to be used when it's most convenient for you. It's just as secure as the online banking you already use and it's made by Intuit, the company that many people use for business expenses and taxes already. 

Take a look at our discussion about all the uses and start being smarter with your money today!

Use Mint to:

  • Pay bills right from your smart phone
  • Get notified of due dates, unusual spending, and budget suggestions
  • Categorize spending so you know where your money goes each month
  • Get your credit free score
  • Set goals, look at investments & submit to accountant for tax purposes