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You should know about these CES gadgets!

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This year's Consumer Electronic Show is much different from their first event, 50 years ago. Instead of showcasing black and white TVs and transistor radios, I'll show you things that caught my eye at the show. We've come a long, innovative way!


I'll also find the most futuristic but beautifully designed concept car and add it to the top of my list.  I don't know much about traditional cars, but the idea of self driving smart car with Artificial Intelligence is right up my alley. The new Toyota Concept-i is smart enough to learn your driving habits, and know when it might be smart to takeover the drive home. Sign me up!


Next up, I chose from several options, and picked out the cutest robot I saw at CES. Kuri, which you can preorder for $699, is not only adorable, but is stated to be a companion, as well as a robot that can greet you when you arrive home from work. Kuri can listen to commands, play your favorite tunes or audiobooks, read stories to the little ones, and even watch your home and alert you if noises are heard while you're away. When Kuri needs to charge, she simply moves back to her charging station, no effort needed.

I had to include Lego Boost. Not the usual blocks my generation is used to though. Now, you will be able to purchase a kit, download the app, and create code that prompts your Legos to move! You can play a song on your guitar or make your robot dance. 

I love that I found a breast pump on my search for innovative finds at the show The Willow Breast Pump is unique because it has no cords and works alongside an app that keeps your schedule for you, but a few moms I chatted with were concerned with a couple of things. The proprietary bags seem to be in a weird shape. The idea of washing the device in the dishwasher seems convenient, but you would also need to clean it more often than the dishwasher is ran. Although a benefit is that you can simply place it in your bra and go about your business (no need to find a private area unless you want one), I'm not sure most have much rooms in their bra for anything extra when this device is usually needed. I'm curious about the practical use of this, but so excited about the concept!

My next pick may not be the most innovative gadgets, but it's good for those who want the option to have a touchscreen laptop without buying a brand new machine. The AirBar allows you to plug the USB into one of the few MacBooks it currently works with and then presto! You can now control your computer with your fingers, a stylus or anything else! Great for creatives or accessibility features. At only $50, seems like a easy solution.