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Could a Robot Take Over Your Job?

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Experts have warned that jobs will be lost because of AI. Which jobs will be lost? Read on to see my picks for the uses of artificial intelligence that I see having the possibility of taking over, or improving the roles in our future. 

The Grid

Job that it will replace: Web Designer

The Grid is currently sold out, however since they are a just beginning to offer their services, I envision that the AI will be available to everyone soon. I found a price of $96 per year, which is very reasonable compared to the options currently available. 

I have used several website services in the past. I've probably had my own website for a decade (at least) now. The site you're reading this on, as well as a few others I own or manage, are created on a template site that's extremely easy to use. Squarespace has been my favorite site to showcase my content because of it's easy drag-and-drop use. However, The Grid takes web design just a step further. 

In the future, websites may just design themselves, allowing the creator to focus on content over design. The Grid uses the power of artificial intelligence to take content, media, and anything else you throw at it, and automatically creates a custom website for you. There's not a template, but instead a layout filter that adjusts based around your purpose and content. Want to sell a product? Get more followers? State your site's purpose and watch The Grid redesign to place your action at the forefront of your site. It uses algorithms to analyze your content, then applies a color palette that compliments your look. It can quickly redesign your site if you want to present yourself as more casual, or more professional. Just say the word. 

The feature I'm most curious about is the ability for people to follow your website. Not follow your business on social media, not subscribe, but follow your website. And you can view changes in other site's changes. I'm simply curious how this could effect how people will stay updated on their favorite site's content in the future. 


Job that it will replace: Doctor

Although this app is currently available in the UK and a few surrounding areas, I cannot WAIT until we have something similar (or hopefully it expands to the US). The company's purpose, which I adore, is to, "Democratise healthcare by putting an accessible and affordable health service into the hands of every person on earth."

Many people Google their symptoms, but the answers you get are often not relevant. Artificial intelligence is used to assist in predicting the future of your health just from utilizing information already gathered on your phone or wearable, like health rate. I find it amazing that were living in a time that technology has the ability to assist in preventing issues, as well as help fix them.

The app also provides advice from doctors, therapists & medical specialists about your health concerns or the AI "doctor" can decode your symptoms for a recommendation. Although the app won't prescribe any medication, it can remind you when to take it.

The features are free for the first 30 days, then it's priced at £4.99 a month for 7-days-a-week access to their pool of human doctors over video chat. Nearly 60 businesses, including some health insurance companies, offer its services to employees. Seems like it would be a great way to  promote health!

Here are a few more features this app will provide:

•    Video or phone consultations with top doctors in minutes
•    Text health-related questions using the Ask service
•    Check a symptom service
•    Access to clinical records
•    Medical monitoring
•    Specialist referrals
•    Order tests and kits
•    Medication delivery service


Job that she will replace: Office Manager

Britain’s first robotic office manager will see how well she can integrate with staff. Included in her duties are greeting guests, sending an alert if a fire-door is left open, taking note of items that are out of place, and monitoring temperature and noise levels for a comfortable work environment. Betty will also notice employees who are working late so that security are aware there are still people in the building. 

Her cameras and scanners create a map of the office area so she knows where she can move, and if an unfamiliar object is in her regular path, she will take a photograph, then email a picture to a member of staff asking for it to be identified. Unsure of the privacy issues, among others, that could arise, the creators went through endless amounts of ethics committees to get to this point. There will be no spying in Betty's office. 

Richard Susskind, an Oxford professor, said: “It’s no longer science fiction. It’s no longer the distant future. In our view a lot of these technologies will be coming through in the 2020s. We’re not saying that doctors are going to be replaced overnight ... but we are saying that the practical impact of artificial intelligence research coming out of research laboratories is remarkable. The current professions and the current work of professionals will gradually erode over time because more tasks will be taken over by machines.”


Content originally found at Venture Beat.