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Rio 2016 - Olympic Technology: The App

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I'm writing this blog while watching the women's gymnastics U.S. Olympic Team Trials, in amazement at the skill and dedication it takes to simply be considered for the team. These ladies just a few of the nearly 10,000 athletes that will compete at Rio 2016. While you're watching to see who takes home the gold this summer, take a moment to consider the amount of planning, practice, and technology that's involved in the biggest sporting event in the world.

Technology is integrated into our lives in many ways, so it makes sense that it’s also in nearly every part of the Olympic Games. When considering this topic for The Chat, I was initially doubtful that technology had very much to do with the Olympics. My first thought was just to download the app and see what useful information I could gain from having it on my phone. Since that's where I started this journey of Olympic Technology, that's where I'll start my post as well. 

You can download the free app and start browsing through the available features pretty easily. With history, location details, and a real-time update on which of the 300 cities the torch is in leading up to the opening ceremonies. Be sure to check the app often for schedule details to be sure you don't miss your favorite sporting event once the games begin. 

So, I continued my research. I Googled 'technology' and 'Olympics' and what I found intrigued me. This will be the first of many posts where I'll be delving into the most impressive uses of technology at this year's Olympic games. Some of the implementations are simple, common sense ways to use technology to enhance the games. Then others are creative solutions that make people’s roles easier and push this year’s Olympics in a way they have yet to be able to.

On my upcoming tech segments on The Chat, I will review the various uses of technology within the sporting events, ways to see the venues as if you were there, and efficient, innovative uses like how technology can make paying for purchases while at the games easy as wearing a bracelet! Tune in to see which initiatives make my list!