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Here are a few apps that caught my attention recently. I judge my apps by usability, clean design, and functionality of course. Watch the segment then get the details below.

Here are the apps I covered on this segment, with a few extra details. Please send me any apps you love or what your experience is using any of my app choices.

Think Dirty App

Free and available on iOS and Android
This app was a project born out of the creators' personal journey to understand the truths in the beauty industry. It helps users identify the potential risks associated with the personal care products by giving information about the carcinogenicity, developmental & reproductive toxicity, allergenicity and immunotoxicity found in the products you have in your bathroom cabinets. 

Disney's Movies Anywhere app

Free and available on iOS only
You can browse, buy and watch your collection Disney titles across your favorite devices. The reason I love this app is simply for one function; it can narrate what's happening on screen and provide detailed descriptions of each scene in between dialogues - for visually impaired viewers. Apps like this are the reason I love technology.


Free and available on iOS & Android
An easy app that provides users personalized video workouts. It's just easy and motivating. I especially enjoy the video tutorials of each exercise. Also, check out SworkIt Kids.

Bark N Borrow

Free and available on iOS only
Borrowers can care for your dog whenever needed, pet sitters are easy to book, and you can find a play-date for your pooch. How cool!!!

Cinemagraph Pro for iOS

Free & Paid versions, but available on iOS only
Capture a scene or import a video, then paint motion to reveal your cinema graph. Not convinced? Check out their gallery of examples: