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Well, this is cool.

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With almost 100 mpg on the highway, the Model S from Tesla is one of the most innovative and efficient cars available today. With the highest safety rating and the ever-evolving autopilot option, I hope this car is exactly what the future of driving looks like. I've never been so intrigued by the possibilities of a car!

Today, while wasting time on the internet, I ran across this cute alternative. Radio Flyer, the company that makes the red wagon everyone knows, hooked up with Tesla to make something that would make the Big Wheel I had growing up, slightly jealous. Although it's not the full size option, this mini car is super adorable. Priced slightly less than the grown-up version, it comes in at just under $500.

Just for fun, I designed what my Model S would look like.

 Models S | Tesla Motors

Models S | Tesla Motors