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Gift Ideas for Your Next 'Techie' Wedding

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Want some fresh gift ideas for the next wedding you attend? I've picked my favorite tech related options and discussed them with the ladies of The Chat. 

Instawatch by May28th

I love anything that you can customize, and it completely won me over with the ability to add images! Think about buying one for the bride with the groom's face on it, one for the groom with a beautiful image of his wife, or check with the engagement photographer to surprise them with one of the images from that session that they both can wear. After you add your image, you can select which color band matches the image, as well as customize the other pieces. This is such a fun gift idea that I can't wait to buy for someone!

Check out your customizing options, as well as other items available, at their site,

LUNE Light

This one combines simplicity with modern lighting options. Touch the base of the light to change it's color to fit your mood. Adjust the top of this artistic accessory to change the amount of light entering your space. This one is just so cool!

Fitbit Zip, or select another that offers more features!

Start off a relationship with health goals in mind and keep each other moving forward! That would be the outlook that I would have in mind if I considered getting a bride and groom a set of these as a wedding gift. They range in price depending on features, but I found a 2-pack on for only $99


This one is great for the adventurous couple to take on their honeymoon. They can come back with amazing footage of their outings like surfing, climbing, rafting, golfing or even simply relaxing with beautiful scenery. 

Several pricing options on their site as well, depending on level of expertise and your budget!

iPad & Kindle Options

And last but not least, consider getting the new couple an iPad Mini they can share movies, apps or info on. Better yet, if they're not as tech oriented, and prefer reading, purchase two Kindles and preload them with your favorite books they can read together! 

iPad start at $299 

Kindle begin at $79