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Which Weather App Do You Prefer?

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Today on The Chat...

I covered a few weather apps you can check before heading out for the day. Before doing the research for this segment, I often checked The Weather Channel app. My online research told me that Wunderground was one of the most popular weather apps, but that Dark Sky was one of the most beautiful and innovative. Although I rarely choose apps that have a cost, I bought for $3.99. The clean, modern design of Dark Sky is often what I look for in an app. I like the customizable alerts I've set up and it's integrated perfectly with my Apple Watch. I forgot to mention in today on the segment, but it also has just recently been updated to include crowdsourced data from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users from the barometers built into the phones. Technology is so cool!! Lastly, we showed an app to locate sharks that have been tagged via the Ocearch app.