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One of the areas in which I'm most passionate is teaching and learning, so this week I'm focusing on my top picks for online educational resources and apps. I would classify myself as a lifelong learner and really appreciate that information is so accessible to a such a vast amount of people in today's time. So many of the resources are free so all it takes time is the interest in a topic and the technology that many carry with them all day anyway. 

During the segment I go into a few details about Khan Academy, which was started back in 2006 with a concentration in math tutorials. They've now expanded to include endless categories within the topic of math, in addition to science, computing, economics, finance, arts and humanities. Along with lessons for each of those areas, Khan Academy also includes a section for Test Prep and another that includes advice for getting into college and everything associated with that process. Lastly, as a teacher or mentor, users can use the Coaching Resources to see how to inspire users to utilize the tutorials for student advancement. There are some great Gamification features, like badging as you complete sections and graphs to show your percentage complete.  

More great online learning resources:

Coursera - College courses available to users, for free. Some even offer certificates!
YouTube - You can find out how to do just about anything on YouTube. Most content is simply created by users and uploaded. Quality is hit or miss, but with the standards of smartphones and tablets now, it's pretty easy to produce a great video!
iTunes U - Givers users access to college courses right on their iPad.
Duolingo - This simple app helps you learn a language for free, and it's fun to use!

Educreations - Record and share whatever you do on this virtual whiteboard app.

StudyBlue - Create, find, and share flashcards to help study and improve grades.