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Look what I found at OneSpark!

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Friday after work, my husband and I met up with a few great friends and headed downtown to OneSpark, the World's Largest Crowdfunding Festival. I was excited to see the creativity and innovative people attending and pitching this year. The four blocks full of food trucks, several options for beer and beverages, and the best of the entrepreneurs in our city (and beyond!) didn't disappoint. Here's a few techie related items that stood out to me that I'd like to share!

SMARTPRO Webcam Covers - OneSpark Project # 21855

This project is based in Saint Augustine, FL and looking to hit a goal of $50,000.
These reusable, removable webcam covers were designed to provide privacy and raise awareness of webcam hacking that has occurred in the past. So, instead of placing that Post-It Note over the webcam of your laptop of computer, check out this local option instead.

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walkabout - OneSpark Project # 22144

Based out of Atlanta and seeking $200,000.
This software platform allows users and companies to create a mobile event application that is browser based, so there's no need to have an app created which is great for a one day event such as OneSpark. When I asked to take a photo, they pulled out their Selfie Stick and I was in my first photo using one!

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PHYREFLY - OneSpark Project # 21769

Based out of Pineville, NC and seeking out $9,800.
Think Priceline for local restaurants. Thats the pitch he gave me and it made complete sense. Great idea! So, users select the area they may want to dine and the app shows various discounts available. You don't know the exact restaurant until you make your selection, but what a way to be adventurous and try new places! They're offering some pretty cool options for early contributors as well. 

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Startups - OneSpark Project #21921

Based out of Tallahassee, FL and seeking $100,000.
This technology allows users to combine reward and loyalty points and social media platforms like Facebook and Linked in. This is an interesting concept that I would love to follow to see which direction it has the most promise in. There are lots of ways to earn and spend points now, but even more potential to utilize them more effectively. Creative idea for sure!

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Faretrotter - OneSpark Project # 22065

Based out of Atlanta, GA and seeking $10,000.

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Snap Decision - OneSpark Project # 21764

Based out of Jacksonville, FL and seeking $45,000.
Where to go for happy hour or daily specials at any given moment. Love that for every app download, $.10 is donated to Children's Miracle Network JAX.Where to go for happy hour or daily specials at any given moment. Love that for every app download, $.10 is donated to Children's Miracle Network JAX.

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Verti - OneSpark Project #22339

Based out of Miami, FL and seeking $200,000.
Similar to Tile, but with more options!

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JetNow - OneSpark Project # 22437

Based out of Jacksonville, FL and seeking $20,000.
Need a private jet for your next business flight?

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