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Today, we're Meerkatting on The Chat!!!

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I haven't been this excited about a new app in a while. I think the app I'm reviewing today, or at least a similar one, is going to be BIG! Well, big in the world of social media at least.

Meerkat launched just a few weeks ago and it's already raised millions from investors, been the breakout app from SXSW's interactive festival, and gotten more than 300,000 early adopters signed on for the most instant way to stream live video to anyone interested in watching. When it was suggested I Chat about the app, I researched away and discovered that there's actual A LOT of potential here. The trend that is consistently being pushed forward is real-time content. Whether thats the Tweets that constantly update, your Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram's collage of beautiful images, Meerkat follows suit with a new media, live video.