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How About a 3D Printed Halloween Costume This Year?

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For this week's segment on The Chat I wanted to give everyone a few techie ideas to use for their Halloween costume, and what better than 3D printing your very own! (Or maybe finding someone who has one to created one for you.) With the 3D printing technology increasingly becoming more and more common, there are ideas, plans, designs and equipment easily available for anyone with enough interest and a few extra dollars. 

Get Lucky in this Daft Punk helmet:

Or go all out in the full suit!


Get the design plans!

Lightwings: Fiber Optic Fairy Wings!

Wouldn't be hard to spot your kiddos in these! 

LED Lit Shoes?

How to make them.

Trapped Scuba Diver

This technology costume mix is simply brilliant! Simply download the app, Digital Dudz, then add your smartphone to the clothing's creatively designed pocket. Check out the Morph Costumes website for tons of different costume ideas - AND I LOVE the Christmas sweaters! 

Last, but certainly not least...

Dress as your favorite emoji for Halloween