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Lighting to match your favorite TV shows?

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A few weeks ago I did a post about Great Gadget Gift Ideas that includes one of my favorite tech products, Hue Lighting. With the lighting system, you can change the color of your room depending on your mood and what's going on in your home. Well now, with the new collaboration between Syfy and Philips you can sync your lighting system up to have the colors change along with the entertainment your watching on your TV.

Last summer the idea was tested with a show that sounds, well not like a show I'm interested in, Sharknado 2. Well later this month users can install the Syfy Sync app and pair it with their Philips Hue bulbs to get a "light track" to play along side the new show 12 Monkeys. Although I'm personally not a huge fan of most Science Fiction this technology is incredible to me. I love the idea of being completely immersed in any experience and I can't wait it opens up to even more shows and movies. Can you imagine your favorite movie along with a lighting setup to go along with every action-packed or drama filled scene? Possibilities are endless!

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