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Happy New Year!! Now, Lets Keep Those Resolutions!

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Welcome to 2015! I saw a commercial today that said no interest 'til 2020 and my initial thought was that feels more like lightyears away, not five. Most people, including me, begin the year with clarity, a few extra Holiday pounds, and a list of resolutions that will make this year better than last. The usual results aren't always as promising as you think, especially when the habits don't stick longer than the first month or so. Last week I researched tons of apps to help make those resolutions easier to keep track of, more convenient to remember, and simply use the technology users already carry on them now. Here's my three favorites for you to choose from. Each have features to consider so you can select which works best for you.
Instant Coaching for Any Goal

This app was the first one I found while researching and I began using on it January 1st as I set my resolutions for the year. The app allows users to select goals from a long list of items they may want to accomplish, a bad habit they want to quit, or write in a specific item not listed. Categories to initially select from include Personally Grow, Get Fit, Practice a Skill, and many more. Then, within your choice, you can define the goal to a specific task, like learning a language or meditating. I selected to Improve Happiness and Relationships, then to Be Grateful which lines up with the first of my resolutions. is unique in that after you state your goal or resolution, you are added to a community of other users who have committed to do the same. You're then motivated by those users by reading questions users have added or answers to the discussion board within each specific topic. If you decide to, you can even pay a fee to have personalized coaching from their hired experts to get you closer to your goals. I've listed three of my top resolutions my intended frequency for each, and I've already been able to check off a few and received props from others for my work. My first thoughts for this one were very positive and I think it will be extremely helpful in adding my goals into my routine.

Way of Life
The Ultimate habit Building App

The Way of Life app is a another option to keep track of your daily goals or New Year's resolutions. This one allows users to add the activity they would like to track and the frequency goal. Then, every day users will go in and simply select whether they accomplished that activity that day. This app is great in showing an overview of what users have accomplished in the week, or over a longer period of time. For example, the pie chart option shows progress over a six week period and the 1 year trend shows users a longer visualization of the work users have done.

While updating each task of the day, users have an option to say Yes or No to whether they have accomplished that item, but they can also select Skip that day. That may be useful if it wasn't an option to complete the task or maybe in the case of a vacation for example. I like that you don't have to have an item count against your goal in certain circumstances.

Overall, this app seems great for a longer analysis of goals with a simple application to update.

Get more out of life

The Balanced app is by far the best in design in my opinion. Again, I'm a big fan of apps with a modern, clean layout that is simple to use. This works by allowing users to select from an item the app has pre-populated into categories like Fitness, Appreciation or Creativity or use the Write my own option. Once an item has been added to the list, users simply swipe that that activity has been done or that they would like to skip the item. Balanced updates the list with the colored bar under the activity and by moving each to the bottom of the list after completion. This way, activities that need to be done will always appear at the top, visually making it easier to identify them.

Each task comes with the option to select a graphic to correspond and users can pick how often they would ideally complete the activity. Under each item the app will let users know the last time it was updated or complete. Balanced is my personal favorite out of the three based mostly on appearance and usability.