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Stay Active, Count Your Calories, and Create a Running Plan on The Chat!

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Since the 26.2 with Donna is coming up soon, and they were Chatting about it during the segment before mine, I thought I would review the best apps to help get you off the couch and on your way to a more healthy you, possibly running a marathon! Well, if you're like me, and only run when you're running late, then you'll be interested in the app I found that makes it easier to stick to running schedule it creates for you. 

Maybe you're better than me and just need a support team or more events in the activities you're interested in to get you motivated. Well, theres an app for that as well! The review that I've been most looking forward to though is the one Charlene told me about a few weeks ago that is now part of my daily routine. 

Watch my reviews below, then take a look at some of the details below for more info. 


This app is for the person looking for more activities and events in your area. Join up with others with the same interests whether thats running, mountain biking, various sports, or just general fitness. Find upcoming events, read up on the details, then go ahead and register right from the Active app. 


The setup of this app is what makes it work so well. You begin by answering questions about yourself, like height, weight, and current running routines. Then, let the app know your goal; for example I would like to be able to run a half marathon. Then, the app puts together a schedule for you to follow to meet your specific goals. It will update as you progress. I love this! Check out Gipis for yourself and start accomplishing your goals today! 

Nike +

Nike + is simply the best running app that I know of. This one tracks your GPS location (if you would like it to), allows you to notate the conditions of the run and the best part - you can get cheers from your social media friends when you push your success to Facebook. Pretty great! Check it out. 

My Fitness Pal

Charlene recommended this app a few weeks ago and I've been using it ever since! I've never been one to count calories, but now I find it interesting to see how many are in various foods. It's incredibly simple to use, just type in what you ate and most items have already been entered so you just select your serving size and move on to your next meal. I really like that MyFitnessPal users can also see how the meals are broken down by carbs, fat, and protein, for example. Plus, any exercise you do throughout the day, even the steps you take, and taken into account and subtract from your allowed calories. Love this one!!