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Christmas Apps - Lists, budgets, Santa & elves!

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Yesterday on The Chat was so much fun! I discussed my favorite app that helps me stay on track and budget while shopping for Christmas, then a few fun apps too!

First up is The Christmas List. This app is available in the App Store within iOS for $1.99, or you can get Santa's Bag for free. I preferred the look of The Christmas List, so I gave up the two bucks but the features between the two apps are fairly similar if you'd rather grab the free option. For Android users, I found Christmas List Pro which is fairly similar and has most of the functionality the others do. 

The Christmas List allows you to use add your gift recipients manually or select from your contacts. For each person you add, you can add a budget you have and then begin adding gift ideas. Once a gift is purchased, wrapped, shipped and received, you can update that status right from the app! It's so simple and users will be so organized by using the app. For each gift item, select the store you will be purchasing from so that while you're out, you can see all the gifts that are located in the same area. This makes everything so simple! I can completely see myself using this instead of being out, trying to remember which gifts still need to be purchased and which stores I still need to visit. If you're not store how much shopping you still need to do, use the Progress tab at the bottom to see how close to budget you are and what progress you've made. Take a look at the screenshots below to see how clean their design is and how productive you'll be once you've set up your shopping strategy.

The most entertaining app I found was Elf Yourself. You'll download the app, or visit the website, then upload or grab your photos from social media to create an elf. All you have to do next is watch your elves dance better than you ever can in an animated scene. Add a message and send your video out to all your friends and family! Share the laughs!!

Here's one I created with a few of my closest friends. Enjoy!

Additional apps I reviewed this week:

Santa Tracker - Keep an eye out for Santa while he travels the world delivering toys.
Xmas Music - Listen to your favorite holiday tune!
Letters to Santa - Write a letter to Santa from your phone!