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I read an article today that was titled 5 Top Secrets to Getting More Done which I, of course, have to open to see how I could possibly get more done in each day. Like many people, I'm motivated to get as many things accomplished as possible, while trying to balance some free time occasionally as well. The suggestions made were all good. First, the writer says to Become a Machine. The suggestions that followed were to take the decision making part out of many things you regularly do. Make things more automatic. Less thought and more action. That makes sense to me. The article continued with a paragraph about getting good sleep then I read on to the next "secret", which really stood out to me. Number three, Checklists are Key. It's a practice I know many productive people live by, and as I read the details, I decide to put some effort into using a to-do for my daily tasks. 

I've used apps that have this functionally before, including Reminders, Notes, Everest and a few others that weren't even designed as task lists. My absolute favorite is Any.Do. I used it occasionally off and on when my life seemed to be hectic, but never used it regularly. Well, after this blog, I'm going to begin using the app as my Checklist. This will encourage me to make lists of the items I feel are imperative in getting through a successful day then check them off upon completion. I love that small feeling of accomplishment! Why is it that something so simple as checking an item off a list seems as if you just finished a marathon!! I'll use it over for tasks, reminders and goals over the next week or so, then I'll do a review to share and hopefully encourage others to be more productive as well.  

The other few suggestions are definitely worth the read if you want to pop over and see if they inspire you the way the Checklist suggestion did for me. They do include that promises to Beat Procrastination, but I'm probably not going to be able to conquer that bad habit just quite yet - it's a hard one to break! The last item on their list states that happiness and over-confidence will actually increase your productivity. Just another way of saying follow your heart and be proud (happy) to be doing it. 

- B