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Free College Courses?

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I believe in being a lifelong learner. To continually education yourself is the best gift you can give to you. I don't think it has to be formal education, because different people have different ways to learn. However, when colleges do offer free courses, I think that is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of. Working at a college myself has the incredible benefit of free courses to employees and their spouses. If your work offers tuition reimbursement or something similar, are you taking full advantage of that? The first course I took was just for fun, but a skill that benefited my physically and mentally, ballet. It was pretty amazing. I felt a little awkward surrounded by actual dancers and young women (and a few guys) that were studying to become dancers when I was simply improving my mind and body with a fun but rigorous class. Yet, three years later, I still find myself pile-ing around the house when I need to stretch!

Today, I found an article titled How to Take Free Courses from Top Universities that lists the various ways people can take courses for free from outstanding universities so I thought I'd share. Additionally, here's a list of sites that offer education in a non-traditional way. Please, check out a few of them to see how you can continue to educate yourself.

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