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Apple Keynote: 10.16.14

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I wonder what's it's been way too long for???

I love that Apple always releases their invites in this simple, yet clever fashion! Well, I've created a meeting on my calendar and a notification on my Any.Do app for this Thursday's keynote event. Rumored to be unveiled are new iPads, both Retina iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air 2, iMacs and the launch date of Yosemite. A few articles mention new smart covers and cases for the iPads, in new colors anyway, and the possibility of a gold iPad Air. I'm a HUGE fan of the Retina iPad Mini, even though when I first heard about them I was hesitant, but it's the perfect size for me. 

I'm always looking forward to checking out a few of the new functionality of Yosemite. Each OS update brings more convenience, better design, and more cohesiveness between the other i-devices I adore so much. I've already used the "answer your phone from your iPad" function, and while at first seems weird, is pretty darn cool. 

Although I'd really like to see Apple release a Retina Macbook Air, I've heard there's little chance that's on the line-up. Another item my hubby and I have been waiting for - an updated Apple TV. That actually may be one of my favorite items from Apple yet. 

Well, until Thursday, I'll have to keep reading the rumor mill articles and see what's in store for us Apple fans!

- B