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Drync: An app that reminds you which wine you prefer.

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Let's start with a pretty important part of dinner, wine! I recently found an app that allows you to take an photo of the label of your bottle of wine, then rate it so that you remember for your next event. I often try new kinds, yet always forget if it's one I loved or dislike. Drync is a free app available on both the App Store and Google Play. You can create your account by connecting your Facebook, Google +, or email address to the app, then begin searching for wines or uploading images. 

To begin your Drync Collection, allow the app to access your photos, then take a snapshot of the front label of a bottle of wine. You can then rate the wine by selecting how many hearts you would give it, which is their rating system, so you can track your favorites. This will remind you how you felt about the wine's taste while it's still fresh on your mind. Users can also add the location, price, vintage date if applicable, and other variables then share that information through social media or just within the app for personal use only. If other users, or the vendor has uploaded additional information about the wine, Drync will include that within your Collection.

Another feature of the app I enjoy is that you can search through other user's selections to learn more about wines you may not have heard of, then if you choose, users can decide to buy wines through the app and have it conveniently delivered to their home.

So, go ahead and download Drync today. I think this app will be extremely helpful through the holidays as you're going from dinner to dinner and party to party. If there's wine there you enjoy, grab a quick pic, add it to your collection, then you'll be prepared next time you pick up a bottle for yourself!

Share your thoughts on this app below and don't forget to comment with your favorite wines! I'm always looking for new choices!